Eric Nadeau

Eric Nadeau

Sales Consultant

Eric at Openspace

An OPA playground and OPA accessibility practitioner, I studied Marketing and have been working within the industry for almost a decade. I joined Openspace in 2012 where I dedicate myself to applying creative solutions to help bring play to communities all across Ontario.

“The Fish Guru”

The enjoyment of being outdoors, the challenge of the catch and the ability to share time and stories with like-minded people means on weekends you will likely find me hiking, waist deep in a flowing river, on a kayak or in an ice hut. I love the outdoors and find that my role with openspace allows me to facilitate a means to share, through my work an increased sense of passion and awareness for the outdoors. And when I am to busy dedicating myself to making projects happen I will wind down with my hobbies of gardening and aquariums and aquascapes.